Statistics #57: Black Panther

It opened the eyes of the public to a lot of big names in big roles and some smaller names that will be household ones (or maybe already are). Some stats from the new King of Wakanda!

Review #74: Black Panther

It’s a big one! The spoiler section starts about halfway through the episode around the 30 minute mark. Lots to talk about and go through. I try to touch on everything I can think of. On Wednesday, I’ll dive into the Statistics and look at how Black Panther made history in the Circle of Film Awards already.

Statistics #57: Top 10 FebruaryBorn Actors

A new month, and ten more actors step into the spotlight! Quite the representation from Harry Potter in this month, as well as some of the smallest names to ever grace a MonthBorn Top 10 list.

General: Best Actress (Winning Films)

I go through some stats on the films that won Best Actress, having finally seen all of them. How often do they line up with Best Picture winners/nominees? How do they compare to Best Actor winners? What are their correlations with the Supporting categories? And can we forecast the likelihood of this year’s race with past statistics?

Classic Film Challenge 2018

I’m taking up another Letterboxd challenge! 30 new classic Hollywood films to see! Find my personal list here:¬†

The official challenge link:

General: 2018 Oscar Nominations

A reaction to the nominations with a very snappy run through of all the categories. Brief predictions and assumptions about the winners. Followed by a few stats and trends between this year and the previous few, as well as comparisons to the CoFAs. All the good stuff!