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Hi everyone!

This is the official website for my new podcast, Circle of Film, where I talk about anything and everything movie related. Currently, I have three different types of episodes: General, Reviews, and Statistics. My General episodes will pertain to topics such as the Academy Awards, upcoming films, passing thoughts about the trends of films, top ten lists, and less focused ideas like those. My Review episodes will focus on a single film that I have seen within a short period of time before recording the episode. My Statistics episodes will deal with the spreadsheet I keep on every film that I’ve ever seen and how that has changed.

Your feedback is always appreciated! You can email me at circleoffilm@gmail.com. I am committed to giving my listeners the best experience possible and that includes input from you, the listeners. If there’s a movie you want to hear about, a topic you want covered, or anything else that comes to mind, feel free to let me know and I’ll do what I can to satisfy your request.

Thank you! Check out the ‘About’ section to find out more about me.

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