November Scavenger Hunt Review

The month is at an end and another 30 films have been checked off from the scavenger hunt! Find out which ones impressed me the most, and who walks away with what awards as I hand out various superlatives to the deserving films.

Review #15: Rules Don’t Apply

After 15 years, Warren Beatty returns to the big screen with his newest directorial effort, Rules Don’t Apply. Is it a success? How many times do I find myself off topic? Check out today’s episode to find out!

Statistics #10: Sing

Where does Illuminations newest animated film rank against the rest of the 2016 releases? Who all rises into the top 500 actors thanks to their voice work? And are there any Oscar prospects at all for this movie?

Statistics #9: Moana

Who was the highest rated actor lending their voice to Disney’s newest film? How much does this help Dwayne Johnson on the spreadsheet? And what are my favorite animated films, Disney or otherwise?

Review #12: Moana

The newest Disney “Princess” film featuring Dwayne Johnson is out and today I’ll be talking about it, it’s relation to Zootopia from earlier this year and other Disney films, as well as the music. Getting this one out a little late today, but I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving!

Review #11: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk/Bleed for This

Today’s review episode covers two films I watched over the weekend. Ang Lee’s new PTSD/War film opens the episode. But you can skip ahead to ~24:13 if you’re only interested in Bleed for This.

Statistics #8: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Like the original Harry Potter films, Fantastic Beasts features a huge cast and sends shock waves through my spreadsheet. Today, I’ll go through some of that.

Review #10: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Another big blockbuster is out this weekend and I’ve got an opinion. I explore Fantastic Beasts from my nostalgic, Harry Potter-loving, childhood perspective. There’s plenty of good and plenty of bad to go around.

Statistics #7 : The Edge of Seventeen

A new format for statistics episodes debuts with The Edge of Seventeen. And then a brief look at some of the data on my top 100 (without going into too much detail on what films are actually in it).