January Scavenger Hunt Review

After a hopeful preview to January, the review takes on a much more downtrodden note. It’s no wonder this month’s review episode is much shorter than the previous ones. Enjoy the top 10 and then the superlatives for the month!

Statistics #17: Animation/Shorts in 2016

Generally, two of the smaller film genres, but I hope that they can expand and become more recognized and talked about in years to come. It seems like that’s the direction for one of these, but not necessarily the other.

Statistics #16: Action/Adventure in 2016

The first of eight episodes dealing with genre specific films, this episode will look at trends and movement in regards to the Action and Adventure films that came out this year. The breakdown for the rest of the episodes will be as follows:

  • Animation/Short films
  • Comedy/Musical/Romance films
  • Crime/Drama/Thriller films
  • Documentary/Foreign Language films
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction films
  • Horror/Mystery films
  • Sport/Western films

Review #24: Hidden Figures

Is this getting the coverage it deserves by critics and the box office? Who really is the best actress in the film? And whose story could have been cut without affecting the overarching narrative?

Statistics #15: Life Statistics 2016

Just how big of an impact are films on my life through the end of 2016? Letterboxd’s newest life statistics feature opens up the door on many interesting facets and things that I think a lot of people don’t generally consider when they think about all of the films they’ve seen.

Statistics #14: 2016 Year-In

Where did my final film count land? How many full 24-hour days did I spend this year watching movies? And what percentage of my lifetime movie watching took place during this year? All that and more on today’s Statistics episode.

Letterboxd 2016: http://letterboxd.com/strangah/year/2016/

January Scavenger Hunt Preview

A day late and a dollar short, but here nonetheless. A look at 31 of the films I’ll be watching this month and my initial thoughts on them. As expected, another handful of Samuel L. Jackson roles are in this batch.

January Scavenger Hunt List: https://letterboxd.com/strangah/list/january-scavenger-hunt-22/