Statistics #26: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

With a huge cast, Beauty and the Beast is a perfect candidate for a statistics episode. See how it affected the people that helped make the film, then I’ll compare and contrast Beauty and the Beast with the films from 2016 that got the same rating. Also, stay tuned at the end for a new version of my outro! 😀

Review #32: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Today’s episode looks at the live action update to the 1991 Best Picture Nominee: Beauty and the Beast, with comparisons to the original animated classic and a few of the other live action remakes in recent years.

Statistics #25: Kong: Skull Island

The big ape crashed into theatres and outperformed at the box office. I ignore doing a review episode and do a sightly deeper statistics dive than usual, hence the longer run time.

Statistics #24: Top 10 MarchBorn Actors

A new series! This episode dives into the top ten actors (based on a few pieces of criteria that I outline) born in March. I spend an inordinant amount of time on number 10, but everything else is evenly spread. Enjoy the episode!

March Scavenger Hunt Preview

31 More movies that I will be watching this month. Two of them are rewatches. Here’s a sample of my initial thoughts on what’s to come for this month. Feel free to join me if any of these titles peak your interest.