General: Fantasy Movie League

Today’s episode is all about the FML! The first part deals with a general overview of the site and how the game works, then I move into some statistics for a private league that I’m part of: The Cinereelists:¬†

You can join their league at the above link with the password: heyguys


Statistics #36: Top 10 AugustBorn Actors

Right under the line is this month’s top 10 actors! We’ve got the most nominated actor that has never won an Oscar, last year’s Best Actor winner, and Andy Serkis’ protege in the lineup.

Review #48: Wind River

Taylor Sheridan steps behind the camera to sit in the director’s chair after two big critically acclaimed films under his belt (Sicario, Hell or High Water). In today’s episode, I review his new film, Wind River.

Statistics #34: Detroit

Difficult to watch films are trending upward. Rather than bury myself too deeply in the content of Detroit, I decided to focus on the stats it provides. But I do think this is a film that many need to see and experience for themselves.

RetroReview #3: The Lion King

Firstly, I gotta apologize for some poor audio quality on this episode. It took me a little time to realize the wrong microphone was being used for the input. The issues start at the 1:52 point and end at the 14:52 point, mostly encompassing me talking about the technical merits, awards merits, and cast/personnel associated with the film. From that point on I spend the majority of the time discussing my thoughts on the overall film and story and emotions that The Lion King evokes in me. Sorry for the problems!