Statistics #39: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Statistics abound as we delve into the star-studded sequel to 2015’s breakout hit. Then, at the 23:40 mark, a look at Week 4 of the Cinereelists Fantasy Movie League.

General: Quantity vs. Quality

With my internet currently out, I go into a more philosophical approach to today’s episode. How do we balance watching as many movies as we can with watching the best movies we can?

Reviews 4: Mother!, American Assassin, 9/11, Home Again

Another cluster of reviews for today’s episode. Four more recent releases, including this past weekend’s wide openings.

Edit: It appears the audio for this episode cuts out periodically. The issue doesn’t look like it can be resolved. I apologize as I only just noticed this issue. I doubt I can remember enough of what I was talking about to fill in all of the gaps, but if I find the time this weekend, I might edit the audio and fill in where I can enough to make the episode listenable, at the very least. I’m sorry!

Statistics #38: Actors with 40+ Film Credits

Follow this link to the list I made on Letterboxd:

Today’s episode is all about the brave actors that have appeared in 40 or more films that I’ve seen. It’s only 14 names, but it’s a list I hope to grow and cultivate over time.

Reviews #3: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Laser Mission

Two movies that someone somewhere considered to be “Sci Fi Classics,” including a film that involves a robotic trump card defeated by the way someone refers to it and a film that isn’t even science fiction.

Statistics #37: Top 10 SeptemberBorn Actors

Got this one done early for a change while I’m on vacation! Some big names here this month, but definitely a top 10 that features a lot of weaker links, in my opinion.

Review #51: It

It’s here, It’s big, It’s scary, and It’s going to do gangbusters at the box office. Previews on Thursday were 13.5 million, a record for horror, September, R-rated films, and Stephen King. Here’s my review.

Reviews #2: Short Films (+FML Update)

A smorgasbord of short films are discussed in today’s episode. Additionally, the week 1 results of FML are discussed at the end.

Letterboxd Short Film List:

FML Group: Cinereelists

PW: heyguys

Reviews #1: Ingrid, Leap, Lady Macbeth, Annabelle, Tulip, Nut Job

A different approach to this review episode. Today, I’ll be talking about the last 6 films I saw in theaters, most of which didn’t exactly warrant a full review episode.

Ingrid Goes West: 5:20

Leap!: 16:00

Lady Macbeth: 27:00

Annabelle: Creation: 41:07

Tulip Fever: 57:29

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature: 1.03:06