December Scavenger Hunt Review

Got this one out on time! Had a fun month watching December’s films. I will be taking at least January off to give myself the time to try and round out as many 2017 films as I can in preparation for the 2017 CoFAs.

Statistics #51: Top 10 DecemberBorn Actors

Getting this out there just before the end of the year. A bit of a mixed bag for December with some huge names, names you’ve never heard of, and people I’ve been trying to get off of this list. But this is what we’re left with!

The full list can be found here:

General: Spreadsheet Deep Dive

Finally, a truly detailed expose on the spreadsheet. I try to cover everything that goes in to inputting the data from a film into my spreadsheet. I’d be happy to field any further questions that anyone might have!

Review #65: Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Uploading just a few minutes late, but here at last! This episode is entirely spoiler free for The Last Jedi. There will be an entirely spoiler version later this week/next week, time permitting. Thank you for putting up with all the delays from my vacation!

Vacation Week

For the episodes initially intended to be released on Dec. 18th, Dec. 20th, and Dec. 22nd, I am regrettably in an internet-forsaken place that won’t permit me to do a single thing besides upload the smallest files imaginable. It’s not a question of speed, but of unstable connection. I’ve had success uploading such things as my intro themes and whatnot, but any real episode won’t upload on WordPress and cannot reach your ears. I am sincerely sorry and will seek to rectify this ridiculous reality that my grandparents live in. Without going into too much detail, I intend to record episodes while on vacation and then release six episodes throughout Christmas week: the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th. I also apologize for the lack of an FML update, but I will attempt to post on one the Cinereelists FML Chatter when possible.

Currently planned episodes: Last Jedi Review, Last Jedi Statistics, Spreadsheet Deep-Dive, DecemberBorn Actors, Scavenger Hunt Review, and TBD.

If you want small snippets of my The Last Jedi reactions, you can check out my Twitter: @circleoffilm

In the meantime, I’ll be working on preparing future episodes and making sure an incident such as this won’t occur again. Final apologies! Have a week!


2015 Circle of Film Awards!

Great news, everybody! I found this episode lying about in the archives and have touched it up and can share it with you! 2015 was a different era when episodes of the Circle of Film Podcast were much longer. I’ll warn you now, it breaks the 4 hours mark. Maybe best listened to in doses. And hopefully I’ll be able to find some of the other years before this one if I keep digging!

(It’s not from the archives. I just pretend it is.)

Review #64: The Disaster Artist

Not going for low hanging fruit in this description, nor am I affecting Wiseau’s voice during this episode. That’s all for James Franco and he does it better than I ever could. I mean, this is a real Hollywood movie.

December Scavenger Hunt Preview

Scavenger Hunt Preview? A full week into the month? I know, I know. Truth be told, I’ve seen more than half the films on the hunt already. (Your guess if I recorded this before watching any of them.) But it’s here! And the Review episode will be out before the end of the month, I guarantee it.

General: My History/Future in Film

This week’s FML update is large and in charge, coming at the beginning of the episode. Then I dive in to my own experiences with film, the way it’s shaped and molded me over the years and where I would like it to go in the future. This is a reward episode for my $1 Patreon goal that is long overdue. Thanks everybody!

Showdown #1: Cinereelists

Today’s episode is the first in what I hope to turn into a more recurring episode genre going forward. I take two lists of films (Zach and James’ top 300 films in this instance) and pit them against each other based on my personal ratings of those movies. Precaution: There’s not much actual review of these films to be had, as that would require far more time and stamina to accomplish, but I try to give brief, sometimes humorous and sometimes scathing lines about the films in contention. Additionally, though I may be harsh against some of these films, I want to acknowledge that I respect their inclusion on these lists and that I bear no ill will or offense. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of this type of episode!