December Scavenger Hunt Review

Got this one out on time! Had a fun month watching December’s films. I will be taking at least January off to give myself the time to try and round out as many 2017 films as I can in preparation for the 2017 CoFAs.

December Scavenger Hunt Preview

Scavenger Hunt Preview? A full week into the month? I know, I know. Truth be told, I’ve seen more than half the films on the hunt already. (Your guess if I recorded this before watching any of them.) But it’s here! And the Review episode will be out before the end of the month, I guarantee it.

July Scavenger Hunt Preview

I have a wonderful surprise for everyone in the form of a second voice on today’s episode! Please join me in welcoming my very first guest to the podcast in a close friend of mine who has agreed to go on this month’s hunt with me.

April Scavenger Hunt Review

A big episode! The superlatives at the top of the episode, a brief analysis of Miran’s predictions in the middle,and the top ten as a closer. Check out the Superlatives page to see how this month stacks up!

April Scavenger Hunt Preview

A new month and another round of film tasks, curtesy of Letterboxd.

Jayce Fryman’s Master List:

My list:

March Scavenger Hunt Preview

31 More movies that I will be watching this month. Two of them are rewatches. Here’s a sample of my initial thoughts on what’s to come for this month. Feel free to join me if any of these titles peak your interest.

February Scavenger Hunt Review

After a surprisingly strong month in the Scavenger Hunt, what rose above the rest? There’s a top ten breakdown followed by the 4th iteration of the Scavenger Hunt Superlatives.


February Scavenger Hunt Preview

A look at the 28 films I will definitely be watching this month. I have some high hopes for this batch and here are my preliminary thoughts on the picks and some details about them.

January Scavenger Hunt Review

After a hopeful preview to January, the review takes on a much more downtrodden note. It’s no wonder this month’s review episode is much shorter than the previous ones. Enjoy the top 10 and then the superlatives for the month!