Review #23: Fences

Just how ugly of a crier is Viola Davis? Is the fence built with inside wood or outside wood? These questions and many more will not be answered in today’s review episode of Fences.

Spoilers start around the 15 minute mark.

Review #22: La La Land

What are my initial reactions to the Best Picture frontrunner? How did I like the musical numbers? Is this the worthy follow up to Whiplash that many are heralding it as?

Aside: I just found out that I’m going to see this movie again. If my response differs in anyway on a second viewing, I’ll add that change to the ending of the next episode.

Review #21: O.J. Made In America

Do we need anything else on O.J. Simpson after this and The People vs. O.J.? How worthwhile is an 8 hour documentary on this man? I think it’s pretty damn worthwhile.

Statistics #12: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Who’s the biggest beneficiary from their appearance in Rogue One? What actors get added to the spreadsheet? Where does Rogue One fall in the overall Star Wars filmography? And what’s on tap over the next few days?

Review #20: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With this year’s blockbusters being both hit and miss, how does Rogue One stack up as a big budget film? Where is its place in the Star Wars leaderboard? And what does this do for the series going forward? Today’s review touches on the first Star Wars film to eschew the episodic titling format. Spoiler discussion starts around 29:15.

Review #18: Manchester by the Sea

What does sitting in the worst seat in the theater do to the viewing experience? Is Manchester the high quality film that it’s being touted as? I dive in to the film and start with a spoiler-free reaction. Spoilers kick in after the transition around 15:45.

Review #17: Nocturnal Animals

Today’s review is for Tom Ford’s newest film, Nocturnal Animals. I struggle to really wrap my head around it, but ultimately end up with a somewhat competent review that’s entirely spoiler-free.

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Review #16: Miss Sloane

With a weekend full of new prestige films, here’s the first of three reviews for films I’ve been highly anticipating. Will Miss Sloane be the the top of the mountain, or merely the first step on the way to the summit? Also, there’s a new segue transition for spoiler sections! It’s not great, so hopefully a new musical will come out to provide me with a better sample to use instead.

RetroReview #2: Steven Spielberg

I’ve seen 28 Spielberg films and I’m gonna go through every single one of them from top to bottom. Where will your favorites end up on the list? How obvious is it that I really don’t remember some of these films? Today’s episode is the longest yet, but there’s plenty to talk about in the catalog of one of the greatest directors of all time.

Statistics #10: Year One

Why do so many recognizable actors appear in relatively awful comedies? And why are those comedies so awful? Today’s episode looks at a 2009 comedy that features a plethora of actors ranging from A-list to B-list to C-list. Take a step back in time with me as I go through the statistical impact of Year One on the spreadsheet.