Statistics #4: Doctor Strange

I go into the newest MCU film and looks at how it stacks up to the rest. Then, I see just how it affects my spreadsheet and everyone involved in the film. Part two deals with my top ranked directors as I continue to try to flesh out my personal taste in film for those of you listening in order to help you get a better grasp of where I’m coming from.

Review #5: Trolls & Doctor Strange

Today, I check in with the two biggest releases of the weekend with Trolls and Doctor Strange. No overt spoilers to be found, but some general and vague ones if you’ve seen any other MCU film before Doctor Strange or generic animated kids movie before Trolls. Check below for how far to skip ahead if you’re only interested in the Doctor Strange portion of the episode!

Doctor Strange: 16:05

Statistics #3: Foodfight!

Ryan dives into his spreadsheet to see just how many people are affected by the dismal score given to Foodfight! Then he takes a step back to talk about the few films he’s ever given a 100 score to, focusing on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Film Review #4: Foodfight!

Ryan gives you a brief look at a couple of recent films he’s finally gotten around to: The Shallows, Ouija/Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Swiss Army Man. Then he moves into a full review of the 2012 animated disaster that is Foodfight! Stay tuned in the next couple of days for reviews of Dr. Strange, Hacksaw Ridge, and (maybe) Trolls as he gets around to seeing them.

Foodfight! Trailer


November Scavenger Hunt Preview

Today’s episode is a preview for the upcoming November Scavenger Hunt on Letterboxd. 30 films in 30 days with each task submitted by various Letterboxd members this month. I go over everything from Swiss Army Man to The Rock in the longest episode, yet.

Review #3: Supersonic: The Oasis Documentary

Review #3: Supersonic: The Oasis Documentary

Today, I take a few minutes on my walk home to go into my immediate reaction to this documentary about a band that I’ve always liked, but didn’t have any background knowledge on prior to the doc. This episode is recorded on my phone, so allow for a little dip in quality, and outside. Also, right at the end, there’s a surprise guest star in the form of the Circle of Film Podcast’s new unofficial host, Simba.

The review I reference by David Ehrlich: IndieWire

Statistics #2: Keeping Up with the Joneses

The first episode that sort of adheres to my new Statistics format. Essentially, this is just me going through the process of inputting the data for this film into my spreadsheet and adding a bit of context to how this affects the data. Going forward, this will also be a format with two halves, the second of which being a highlighted aspect of the spreadsheet of my choosing.

Review #2: Keeping Up with the Joneses

Today’s review is for the new Zach Galifianakis movie, Keeping Up with the Joneses. Spoiler: This one doesn’t get the rave reviews that I gave American Honey. This will be the last review episode that only deals with the titular film. Going forward, the review episodes will incorporate the format I mentioned in the American Honey description: first half for smaller snippets and second half for the primary review.

Statistics #1: Overview

An overview of the spreadsheet that I refer to and a brief delve into some of the data inside it. This is not the format for these types of episodes going forward, so rest assured for those of you that find it meandering and aimless. The one primary focus for this episode is a look at the top rated actors in my spreadsheet.

Review #1: American Honey

Review #1: American Honey

I give a brief response to Andrea Arnold’s new feature film starring Shia LaBeouf. In hindsight, I’m hoping to make these episodes about twice this length and feature a broader scope of review in the beginning of smaller things I’ve seen before transitioning into the primary review for the second half of the episode. I’ve also decided that it takes far too long to edit these episodes beyond the major things between actually recording them, working a full time job, and watching all of the films that I watch. So, for the time being, the best I can do is noise reduction on the obnoxiously loud whirring sounds that emit from my desktop computer.

Circle of Film Introduction

Here it is! The first episode of the Circle of Film Podcast. This episode will primarily deal with my general ideas and hopes for the podcast as a whole. It also provides a bit of information about me, your host. And it puts forth what kinds of episodes I’m looking to present in the future. Those ideas are continuing to form in my mind right now, and soon I should have a concrete way that I want to organize everything. Thank you for being patient with me, and I hope to always be patient with you.


Welcome to Circle of Film!

Hi everyone!

This is the official website for my new podcast, Circle of Film, where I talk about anything and everything movie related. Currently, I have three different types of episodes: General, Reviews, and Statistics. My General episodes will pertain to topics such as the Academy Awards, upcoming films, passing thoughts about the trends of films, top ten lists, and less focused ideas like those. My Review episodes will focus on a single film that I have seen within a short period of time before recording the episode. My Statistics episodes will deal with the spreadsheet I keep on every film that I’ve ever seen and how that has changed.

Your feedback is always appreciated! You can email me at I am committed to giving my listeners the best experience possible and that includes input from you, the listeners. If there’s a movie you want to hear about, a topic you want covered, or anything else that comes to mind, feel free to let me know and I’ll do what I can to satisfy your request.

Thank you! Check out the ‘About’ section to find out more about me.

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