The Ranking Formula

AFR: Average Film Rating

FC: Film Credits

Noms: Academy Award Nominations

Wins: Academy Award Wins

Value: Numerical value associated with each film as it pertains to the film’s ‘tier.’

  • 100: 3 points
  • 90-99: 2 points
  • 80-89: 1.5 points
  • 70-79: 1 point
  • 60-69: .5 point
  • 50-59: 0 points
  • 25-49: -1 point
  • 0-24: -2 points

The Ranking Formula: Used for Directors, Writers, and Thespians

This formula adds 4 different terms:

AFR * (FC/(FC+2))

  • While this term used to simply be ‘AFR,’ the update to its current version causes those with small film counts to require a higher level of quality to achieve what others can with higher film credits. Using this formula, someone with 2 films only receives 50% of their AFR, whereas someone with 8 films receives 80% and someone with 38 films receives 95%. Thus, each new film, regardless of true rating, has the ability to increase someone’s score, as it leads to a larger chunk of their AFR being attributed.


  • The value of a film is related to the ‘tier’ it falls under, as seen above. The original iteration of these tiers leaned far too heavily on people with large FC numbers who were able to overwhelm their own large number of negatively rated films. Initially, a film rated 0 would only cancel out the value of a film rated 79 at the most. Now, a film rated 0 will cancel out the value of a film rated as highly as 99. This way, value has a smaller impact on the overall score (a more reasonable one) and high counts of poorly rated films are significantly more detrimental to those credited with them.


  • Initially, this term was valued equally to wins, because in the eyes of the Academy, that’s generally the way they see things. However, my scoring system does not view nominations as equal to wins, and thus, they are given half the value.


  • The inclusion of Academy Awards at all may seem arbitrary by some. However, I consider the Academy Awards to be a significant enough representation of the general movie going public (far more often than not) that I think it warrants inclusion in this formula.

Total Score = AFR * (FC/(FC+2)) + Value + Noms/2 + Wins

Using Heath Ledger as an example (as I’ve seen every film I can find that he’s been in), his formula bears out a score like so:

56.1363636 = 56.80 * (20/(20+2)) + 2.5 + 2/2 + 1

  • With that score, Ledger is currently (as of 10/8/2017) ranked 835th.
  • He is ranked 3rd among actors with a 2.5 value (the 1339th highest value).
  • He is ranked 22nd among actors with a FC = 20 (the 248th highest FC).
  • He is ranked 2312th alongside Riz Ahmed, Peter Capaldi, and David Meunier at 56.80 AFR.
  • He is ranked 55th among actors that currently have 2 Noms.
  • He is ranked 76th among actors that currently have 1 Win.

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